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Check your thyroid blood test results and get their interpretation in seconds!

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CE Medical Device Class I
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How can LabTest Checker help you?

Are your test results abnormal? Get an initial assessment using LabTest Checker and find out:

What is the cause of your abnormal test results?

What to do next?

What doctor should you see?

What additional tests should be done and when?

How our LabTest Checker works?

  • 1. Enter your test results
  • 2. Answer a few simple questions
  • 3. Done! Read the report

LabTest Checker - Q&A

LabTest Checker is a free tool that analyzes your lab test results. It is a safe and certified Class I medical device created using artificial intelligence and the expertise of experienced physicians. LabTest Checker analyzes your lab test results and asks a few questions about your medical history, symptoms, and risk factors to find out what might be wrong with you and how to help you.

1. Enter your test results

To do so, select a test and enter the test result.

2. Answer a few simple questions

In this step, we will ask you a few questions to analyze your lab results.

3. Done! Read the report

You will receive a report that will indicate the cause of your abnormal results as well as suggestions for the next steps.

LabTest Checker is a medical product created by Polish specialists and scientists in cooperation with leading medical universities in Poland. The technology is based on three pillars:

  • Credibility

The solution is based on the latest standards of medical care and complies with the guidelines of national and international scientific societies.

  • Safety

Safety of the technology is supervised by a Medical Council consisting of leading experts in medicine.

  • Usability

LabTest Checker, like a doctor, takes into account all the necessary information about your health to predict diseases. The technology takes your answers into account and tailors questions to each individual case.

No. LabTest Checker should not be considered as an alternative to talking to a doctor. The result obtained is not a diagnosis – it is for informational purposes only.

Do not use the tool in situations that require urgent medical attention – for any medical emergency, contact your doctor immediately, go to a hospital emergency room (ED), or call an ambulance.

Your data is protected – we keep your data safe and do not share it with anyone. LabTest Checker is fully compliant with EU data protection regulations.